Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quadruple Benefits to help Boost Your Sales

Get Quadruple Benefits from Cross Platform Mobile Development Applications

With the rise of the Mobile First economy and as the app world rules, most software development companies have teams of developers to work on rising demands from customers.  As app ideas skyrocket they have to code apps for each of the varied  smartphone operating systems –viz iOS , Android, Windows, Firefox etc. Only savior for these hordes of smartphone app development companies is the cross platform mobile development applications to meet demand with its quadruple benefits

With a single code base with minimal  changes and customization it helps develop apps that can be used on all the mobile platforms using the cross platform mobile application development.  The prime goal of cross platform app development is to cater to as many consumers as possible in as many operating systems as possible

Cross platform development techniques especially with Adobe PhoneGap has the following advantages:

Much Greater Reach
The cross platform techniques helps reach a large number of customers using the many different mobile operating systems with comparatively less effort and higher quality for all the different mobile environments.  It is obvious that the more platforms that a company covers, the more people will it be able to target. When an app is available on all the leading platforms, the software development company shall have an added advantage of targeting a greater market potential. More the customers the merrier!

Slightly Easier Marketing
When there is a larger fan base, the cross platform development company’s marketing team need put less effort in the promotion of the app.

One Instead of Many
When releasing an update, it becomes very easy to do so as changes have to made at a single code base only. The updates would be released at the same time for all the different platforms. 

Uniform Look and Feel

The overall design and feel of the apps for all the platforms is more uniform as there is a single block of code (almost) that is executing for all the different platforms. When the same app is developed independently on different platforms, it is difficult to maintain a sync between the different developers but this situation does not arise or is minimal in cross platform app development .

Slightly Reduced Development Costs
When cross platform development is used, there is reduced development cost when making apps for multiple platforms. Along with development, the maintenance costs are also reduced as there is almost single code base with minimal customization to the operating system. There is no need to have bug tracking for a number of code bases or it is minimal
The leading cross platform mobile app development solution companies offer PhoneGap Development that helps you to create great native applications (mobile and desktop) for iPhone, iPad and Android . contact us for more information on how we can help you. Call the PhoneGap experts now, check out our apptitude for web programming also

Who Uses PhoneGap for mobile app development ?


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